Awesome Pig Facts
for 2nd graders



Pig Questions and Answers [click for the answer]
1. Where do pigs live and what do they eat? 11. How many piglets are usually born at one time?
2. Why do pigs roll in the mud? 12. How many toes does a pig have?
3. Are pigs smart? 13. What parts of the pig do people use?
4. What are the mother, father and baby pigs called? 14. When was the first book about pig-raising written?
5. Are pigs clean or dirty animals? 15. Do pigs like to eat plants or animals?
6. Do pigs make good pets? 16. Do pigs have a good sense of smell?
7. On what continent are pigs not found? 17. How loud can a pig scream?


8. How big was the biggest pig that ever lived? 18. How thick is a pig's skin?
9. Can pigs do tricks? 19. Are pigs mammals?
10. Can pigs talk to each other? 20. Do pigs shed their hair like cats and dogs?
  21. How long can a pig live?
  22. Can a pig get a sunburn?
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